The Famous Pastries Picky Of France

The pastries are not things that can be learned. The famous chef in France also are experiencing hard times and meet many new failure created the beautiful cake. That kind of cake making is easy, but there are also some types of bread requires high new technique for a perfect pie proper.

  • Puff Pastry
The puff pastry is not the name of a type of cake. Exactly that is the name of a type of crust in the variety of salty-sweet. The puff pastry is also known as the shell of thousands of layers. High applicability across many major types of dessert has turned it into the basic recipe in the world. However, the complexity of the Puff pastry was still hard enough to do much good kitchen hand. Make Puff pastry only flour, butter, sugar, salt and water, but want to create hundreds of thin crust overlap, the must-have baking powder lamination technical dexterity.

  • Macaron
The tiny cake with casual looks, this cheerful back is not easy to do a bit. We could have easily caught the general store cafe, cakes are served Macarons but to find a box of Macarons in the right rear back never simple. Yet to taste, own the right French Macaron presentation was a problem unsolvable for the Chef: each box of cakes usually have 6 or 12 aircraft, each macaron must reach an average size of two knuckles, teenagers, the same block. Want to stack the cake for medium, Cook when baked need accurate calculations of expansion gear. If the cake is too thick will not fit the box and not be too thin to be superfluous. Only the fit new sophistication can make up a box of Macarons soon beautiful short, appealing to customers right from the first sight.

  • Souffle
According to the French, Souffle mean bulging bloom. It is characterized as very high requirements in this celebrated desserts. There are two types of savory and sweet Souffle but both share a texture consists of 2 parts: the egg and the milk Beat egg white cotton will swell when being put into the oven. Perfect Souffle will have soft spongy taste light, great whites suddenly do not have any cake flour would, but to have an inflated beautiful Souffle is always the problem of headaches with the hand made tortillas.

  • Chocolate Lava Cake
A different version of the Souffle, Chocolate lava cake is done is not used directly in porcelain cup that was rolled over to the disc, when cutting the cake surface light will have slight movement out of liquid chocolate, hot enticing fragrance. Still sturdy enough to accommodate the longer wave light thin comparison. The most important is the timing. Baking too ripe will not give out the standard liquid chocolate, in contrast, not enough pies will be Pastry, not hold shape when up disk and damage the kernel inside.

  • Lemon Meringue
Lemon Meringue pie or Lemon Meringue tart pastry cake line with only lemon jam and sugar over egg mixture. This is the kind of cake is very complicated due to grade 3 and grade would also have separate requirements. Part crust is crispy but not crushed, the silky soft candied Citron, were moderate freezing, the eggs hatch and the porous line of cotton, not too pale nor too sweet. The most common error when baking Lemon Meringue is sturdy enough not to cake racks the same lemon sugar eggs, leading to the cake collapsed into ruin, or lemon does not achieve perfect hardness.
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