The Art Of Making French Macaron

Small cakes beautiful macaron not only dish is typical of France but also food attracted millions of adherents around the world cuisine. The Macaron was the pies was the first birth from beautiful Italian country decades ago, but gradually it became famous and distinctive cuisine cannot do not mention in France. The Macaron was the pies was the first birth from beautiful Italian country decades ago, but gradually it became famous and distinctive cuisine cannot do not mention in France.

With the size of the circle, the diameter size by two knuckles, but again the top prestigious macaron in processing of French pastries. The French macaron pastry made with chicken egg white, sugar, almond flour and pureed a little more food coloring. Bread is made with cream, fruit jam or fresh cream. This may be due to the home chef working for Queen Catherine de ‘ Medici introduced in France in the Renaissance, 16TH century, when she married King Henry II.

The Pie Was Many People’s Favorite

The first confection made from almonds, sugar, flour, egg whites and has a simple round shape like the normal cookie cake. But until the early 20th century, the confection became a two-layer cake with a cake and a layer in between. The most popular cake runner-up France has little shape, very easy to enjoy. They are usually circular, however some stores also created some kind of cake has a very eye-catching and bold heart shaped sweet. Can not know the flavors inside the confection, but just seeing the pretty little shape, with enough eye-catching colors such as orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, everyone also wants to be owning them outright. Characteristic of bread for this adorable little cake is sweet chocolate layer-taste can not think of France. However, to this day the confection is known for many types of workers vary with enough flavors to everyone choice, such as: Orange, lemon, mango, even as the very unique fruit. Just try the first piece of cake, you well enough to feel the cool, soft cream, butter workers from the same crispy outer layer melted, blend to form a rather strange and intriguing flavors.

Cakes In The Kind Of Hard To Do For The World

Macaron is ranked cakes cakes hard to do for the world. To create these little cake with this eye catching colors enough were very difficult, and often not as people do. Also by the way, that this is considered her spoiled, wealthy girl in the world. To make this cake success, asking Baker to meticulous and careful, and skillfully, because just a little skewed Ty then considered how his effort away. However, many people also have been challenged with her spoiled, wealthy girl and was successful, creating a delicious little cakes no less fascinating. Things to note and is the bottom of the first when making the confection is the timing. The sexual harassment of the same egg white almond powder is extremely complex and requires meticulous. If stirring is not yet enough, macaron would lose the crispy leg foam layer, or the face of the cake will not be smooth. Conversely, if stirred too hand, macaron will be hard, will then be dried and foot layer cake will not be evenly and are easy to break. In addition, external weather conditions is also a factor affecting the success of the pie. The temperature, the humidity of the air will decide to time dipping the dough as well as the intensity stirred when mixing egg white.
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