Sophisticated Cuisine And Art Of France

french dessert

Referring to France, we cannot do not mention non-culinary art the appetite but also very nice. In it, the dessert was any traveller here are also not to be missed because of the richness and diversity of it. Together we learn a few featured cakes of this beautiful country.  Delicate cakes and spoiled, wealthy girl as a Princess. Anyone traveling to Paris, France self-sufficient enjoy French specialities and delicacies are also not resist the charm of the small beautiful macaron, delicious and colorful top.

The creativity and sophistication of the French have created hundreds of kinds corresponding Macaron with hundreds of different colors and types. You can find buy famous cakes and delicate for France to eat and make a gift in any cake shop in Paris and throughout France.

Tart Cake

Tart cake is a popular and well-loved in France. There are 2 types of cakes: cake sweet  tart cake and salty. Tart sweet cake is usually the cakes together with fruits like Apple tart, strawberry, lemon tart and salty Jambalaya or often the cakes together with meat, cheese or fish. Tart sweet often is used as a dessert. With blond cake crust, crispy, with layers of fruit and ball diameter above the coating will bring the people enjoy the feeling of sweet, sour, sweet and sour sweet will be a wonderful dessert after every meal, brings energy and fun for people to enjoy.

Crepe Cake

Crepe is a simple, traditional cakes, unique and characteristic for French cuisine. Perhaps this is the kind of cake is used most often by French cuisine, you can eat it as a main dish in the same breakfast, milk or coffee, or can use it as an appetizer for lunch, desserts for a good breakfast. In particular, there are many Crepe recipes with enough sweet salty taste different. But the two most popular types is the Crepe sausage, ham and chocolate banana cream Crepe.

Ile Flottante

The Ile Flottante dish is a dessert that can be found in any restaurant, or at the supermarket. This dessert consists of 2 main ingredients is a cream and Beat egg white cotton. Beat the egg white cotton circles, placed between the ice cream brought the icon of an island in the middle of the sea. Sweet cool bar bar offers fresh feeling for people to enjoy.


Flan is also a dessert was French people use frequently in your daily meals. There are 2 ways of making Flan:

  • The first way: Cleaning: this is the Flan with caramel fudge layer at the bottom, the top is creamy blond (raw materials mainly from milk and fresh cream).
  • The second way: the Grill: Flan type consists of a layer of flour on the bottom, after baking, let it cool, pour the powder layer cake up and gave into the oven at a temperature of 180, from about 20-30 minutes.

Creme Brulee

Creme brulee dishes mentioned is prompted to desserts that are so many French people would love.Creme brulee that is characteristic of milk egg layers are placed in a small Grill, flattening, but Europeans on the surface is a layer of sugar is burned blond. We can feel the taste of the eggs, milk, combined with just the right fragrance to be burned. French cuisine lots of delicious cakes, unique and attractive must try when traveling to Paris. If you have the opportunity to travel to Paris, discover and share the exciting experience in this wonderful country.

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