Something About French Cuisine That You May Have Not Known Yet

french cuisine

French cuisine is one of the most famous and important feature of France. It is even considered by many people as the best cuisine in the world.

In 2010, the UNESCO added French gastronomy to the list of worldwide intangible cultural heritage.

In this article, we will feature some interesting facts about the French cuisine that may surprise you.

1. French Cuisine Was Originally Influenced By Italian Cuisine

Yes, it is true. Several centuries ago, when the first book on French cuisine was written (Le Viandier by Guillaume Tirel); the French cuisine was still under a heavy influence of Italian cuisine.

This lasted until the 17th century. Then two chefs named Francois Pierre La Varenne and Marie-Antoine Careme began a movement to create a unique cooking style for France. Wine and cheese were very important part of the cuisine.

2. The “Haute Cuisine” Does Not Have A Long History

With the fame of French cuisine as the modern haute cuisine, people may have the impression that it has always been this way since hundreds of years ago.

Indeed, French cuisine only became the modern haute cuisine in the 20th century. The legendary chef Georges Auguste Escoffier is the major figure in this process.

3. Current French Cuisine Was Innovated With The Contribution From Portuguese Chefs

In the 1960s, many Portuguese immigrants came to France due to the political events at their home country. The Portuguese chefs contributed a lot to the innovation of French cuisine during this time, which led to the birth of “nouvelle cuisine”: the excessive complication in cooking was reduced and so was the cooking time. Modern equipment was put into use. The microwave oven was first used to cook French cuisine at that time.

Nouvelle cuisine

Nouvelle cuisine

4. The French Cuisine Does Not Mean The Same Thing In Every Region

french mapYou may have come to France and enjoy its tasty dishes, so have your friend. Yet when you two discuss about the food you have eaten, the taste and ingredients seemed to be very different. If you and your friend visit different regions of France then this is always the case because each region in the France has its own style of cuisine.

  • If you come to the Paris and Île-de-France region, you have the chance to taste many different regional cuisines since all the train lines in France meet in Paris. There are thousands of restaurants here and you can find almost everything in this region.
  • For fine fruits, game, ham and a wonderful type of wine called “Champagne”, go to Champagne or Lorraine region.
  • Burgundy and Franche-Comte regions are famous for their wines.
  • For Oysters, you should go to Poitou-Charentes and Limousin.

5. Dishes Come By Season

What if you and your friend come to the same region of France yet in different seasons? Well you two may as well taste different dishes. The French cuisine varies to the season, more or less. Salads and fruits would be very abundant during the summer while mushrooms are more available when the summer is coming to an end. After that, from September to February, the dishes made from game will flood the table. Read more The Famous French Salad for the Summer

If you are planning to go to France to enjoy the cuisine, make sure you come at the right time to meet your favorite dishes at a reasonable price!

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