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sous vide equipment

We run a fairly small food catering business, and our specialty is ribs. Tender-juicy, melt-in-your-mouth, pink ribs that is beautifully seared in the outside. For the first time ever, I am going to share the secret of our ribs – sous vide cooking. For this process, I have my favorite FoodSaver vacuum sealing system that effectively seals in the food inside the bag when it goes into its sous vide water bath. This step is very important to ensure water does not get inside the bag and for the spices and flavors not to get out of the bag. If you are looking for valuable advices for choosing an appropriate Foodsaver model, we encourage you to come here: Best foodsaver reviews and comparion in 2018

sous vide ribs

The art of sous vide

The French translation means ‘under vacuum’, but as to how it is done is rather simple. You put your meat with its spices and seasoning inside a FoodSaver bag, vacuum seal it in your FoodSaver model. Prepare a water bath to put it in. I use a sous vide machine for precision. I just set the temperature and the time, and I can do everything else without fear that my food is overcooked or undercooked. When the machine alerts me that it is done, I get my perfectly-cooked meat. I cool it down a bit then sear it or put it on the grill for a nice finish.

Benefits of sous vide cooking

When you do sous-vide, you get more benefits and none of the disadvantages:

  • When you vacuum pack the foods, especially meat, with its spices and seasonings, the flavors seep in and makes it more tasteful;
  • Meat is tender and thoroughly cooked inside and out. When you just pan-fry or grill, the exterior meat tends to be burned while the inside remain raw;
  • The nutritional value of the food is not lost because of the closed environment inside the vacuum sealed bag;
  • There is lower probability of mistake because technology aids in perfecting the art. You get pink and juicy ribs all the time;
  • Low temperature and the slow process of cooking prevents overcooking;

Sous vide equipments

There are two very crucial steps in sous vide cooking. First, securing the foods inside the vacuum sealed bag. Second, monitoring and maintaining the temperature of the water bath.vacuum sealed meat

For these two steps, I have my favorite equipment which I strongly recommend:

The FoodSaver V4440 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

  • Sleek design that does not take up much counter space in the kitchen;
  • Fully automatic;
  • Has a bag-detection feature;
  • Two vacuum speeds;
  • Two options for seal – dry / moist;
  • Has built-in roll cutter and holder;
  • Seal strip is extra wide so the seal is sure and tight;
  • Has a built-in retractable handheld vacuum sealer for use on jars and containers.

SousVide Supreme Water Ovens

  • Huge capacity at 11 liters;
  • Big gram portions;
  • Deep enough for even a whole leg of lamb;
  • Easy monitoring of the water temperature;
  • Very precise water temperature;
  • Wide range of temperature – from 30 degrees Celsius and highest at 99 degrees Celsius;
  • Timer with wide range from 1 minute to 99 hours;
  • No automatic shut-off feature to prevent food spoilage. While the timer may put off the water bath, the unit remains on;
  • Uses both Fahrenheit and Celsius.favorite equipments for sous vide cooking

Immersion Circulators

This is another option if you don’t have a SousVide Supreme Water Oven. This is an electric device that circulates and heats water at a specific temperature. While it can do a good job of sous vide, there are some considerations:

  • It requires a complicated set-up involving tube, pump, heating element, thermometer, control circuits, thermometer and tube that have to be immersed in water;
  • It can have precise temperature;
  • A bit loud to operate.

Plastic bags

The plastic bags you use are very crucial so please note:

  • It has to be compatible with your FoodSaver for best results. An incompatible bag will result to leaks in the seal;
  • It has to be food-grade, made of polyethylene and safe for the water bath.

The secret ribs recipe

Finally, you are ready with your equipment. You have read the manuals and you are so ready to get started on sous vide cooking. Here is the secret recipe for our famous ribs:

A – Ingredients for ribs preparation

Paprika – 5 tbsp.

Brown sugar – 5 tbsp.

Kosher salt – 4 tbsp.

Yellow mustard seed, whole – 2 tbsp.

Coriander seed, whole – 1 tbsp.

Garlic powder, granulated – 2 tbsp.

Oregano dried – 1 tbsp.

Red pepper flakes – 1 tsp.

Black pepper, freshly-ground – 1 tsp.

B – Ingredients for sauce (optional)

Yellow onion, medium, grated – 1 pc

Spicy brown mustard – 2 tbsp.

Ketchup – 24 tbsp.

Dark molasses – 5 tbsp.

Worcestershire sauce – 4 tbsp.

Apple cider vinegar – 4 tbsp.

Liquid hickory smoke – ¾ tsp.

C – Ribs, St. Louis-cut

2 whole racks


  1. Put the spices on the ribs;
  2. Divide the racks of the ribs into 4 portions;
  3. Vacuum seal usingThe FoodSaver® V3860 Vacuum Sealing System;
  4. Cook in SousVide Supreme Water Oven for 12 hours at 165 degrees Fahrenheit;
  5. Pre-heat grill for 5 minutes, and give your ribs a quick grill, putting sauce on it every so often.

Enjoy your tender, juicy, mouth-watering ribs!

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