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How to Prepare French Potato Salad at Home

classic french potato salad
French cuisine is famous in every corner of the world. While the “haute cuisine” dishes require a lot of preparation and efforts to make, there are several French dishes that you can easily make and enjoy at home. French classic potato salad is one of these dishes. In this article, we will give you a brief, simple guide on how to prepare French classic potato salad in your kitchen.

1. Prepare the Necessary Ingredients

Even though French classic potato salad is not too difficult to make, if you do not prepare enough the necessary ingredients in advance, you may risk making a salad that is hard to eat. So the first thing to do is to prepare the following items: Read more »

The Famous French Salads for the Summer

salmon salad nicoise
Salad is very popular in France. The simplest salad is fresh vegetables mixed with oil and vinegar, the important thing of this dish is that you have to select the source to be clean, safe vegetables. Salad appetizers mean to stimulate appetite; salads desserts usually made by sweet, fresher milk or cream to finish a meal more flavor. Salad is also good for the heart and bones. Besides learning the best salads for your health in this summer, you should also learn how to preserve your salads fresh longer by vacuum sealing them before placing in the refrigerator (see more at here).

Salad Nicoise

salad nicoise

Salad Nicoise

Salad nicoise sweet delicacies from France are made from a variety of fresh vegetables, salad nicoise will bring to you a taste incredibly wonderful. Especially of you like to eat vegetables. Can say salad nicoise salad is known to come from France and always appears on the menu of the restaurants of France. However, making this salad type quite simply makes this dish unique and more attractive.

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