About The Famous Wines Of France


France is one of the European countries have a long history of wine production. French wine is famous all over the world with the name of excellent wines, made from the oldest wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Provence or the Rhône Valley.

Each wine is produced depending on the characteristics of each region’s climate, according to each type of grapes, recipes, wine archive and including all the pampering, care of the people who produced the wine. The main elements that make up the difference of the French wines.


1/ History Of French Wine

French wine originated from southern France into the 6th century BC. Viticulture began to develop in the city of Marseille, Greece. The Roman Empire has allowed the region to the South of France wine production. St. Martin of Tours has been involved actively spread Catholic leaders and viticulture.During the chaos of the middle ages, the monks helped preserve the vineyards and wine making techniques. The monastery has high protection, abundant labor resources to the production of wine for the occasion and it raises more substantial income. During that period, large vineyards often belong to the Catholic Church and their wine has always been considered the superior wine.
After this, the nobility further expanded the area of viticulture. However, the French Revolution led the movement to reduce the land seizure of the Church, the nobility divided the people. Because of this reason, grape production also increased. Although Bordeaux wine exports were at that time but it was not until the year 1850 most wines of France still only cater for domestic needs.


2/ The French Wine Classification

+ Red wine: the wine Is made from red grape varieties. Most everyone knows it but no one knew that juice from the grape-meat is fruit juice. The wine’s color depends on the color of grape husk and shell grape time in contact with the grape juice. Soak grape Peel in grape juice not only color but also to get to the grape Peel extracts produces tannin. Tannin is making red wine rich in flavor than white wine. Young red wine often contains many tannins. By the time the tannins lessen and blend harmoniously with the other components of the wine.

+ White wine: most white wine are made from white grape varieties. The color of white wine is not completely white, but also yellow. because of the color of white wine depends on the color of grape husk. Some type of white wine made from red grapes. You can put the glass of wine before the white font panels to see clearly the color dark wine or pale, or hold lightly tilt glass of wine, for a little wine spills over into a glass. Wine color as bold means alcohol the more delicious, more strong. Family when the most recent observation on the mouth glass to smell ngửu. However, select fresh space, no smoke, smell or food odor concentration too little choke to the sense of smell. Wine is fruity aroma.

+ Champagne: Champagne also means fun, happy, excited. Created from the grape variety especially in the famous wine-growing region of France in Champagne as the plain Montagne de Reims Epernay is located northeast of Paris. Private wine packaging crates have a special flap system, open the closed out on line with enough time to exit without CO2 for other gases. When the grapes ferment, mix add sugar, then close the Cork, put into sealed cellar brewed upside, from 5 to 6 years to bring to the market consumption.

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