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Sous vide chicken breast recipes


Who doesn’t like chicken? You can fry, grill, broil, steam chicken and it will still taste delicious. The fear in cooking chicken, though, is in not thoroughly cooking it. When that happens, salmonella can be likely ingested. It is a bacterium from poultry that causes one to be seriously ill. The answer to this problem is sous vide, where food is vacuum sealed in a bag and given a water bath. Vacuum sealer is a much-needed equipment in sous vide cooking. It helps you protect your dishes perfectly. You wonder which is the best vacuum sealer for sous vide? Please read this guide for choosing sous vide vacuum sealer.

The art of sous vide

To make sure your chicken is thoroughly cooked inside, the best method of cooking to use is sous vide. In French, it literally means ‘under vacuum’. It is a process where the food is placed in a vacuum sealed bag, and then inside a temperature-controlled water bath. When the set time or temperature is reached, your food is all done. The art in sous vide is in the accurate temperature control, which is easy to achieve when using the right sous vide equipment. Read more »

Sous vide Salmon Recipe

sous vide salmon

Our family loves to eat salmon, and we recently discovered a grocer that has the best fresh salmon.  We have tried different types of salmon, various ways of preparing it, and have finally decided that our favorite way of doing salmon is by sous vide.

We discovered that grilling it makes it dry.  Pan-frying it overcooks the outside, but the inside can remain undercooked.   Sous vide is a method of cooking that evenly cooks the salmon, and does not dry it up, making it even juicier and tastier with the nutrients and flavors locked in.

Not all salmon are created equal

Using sous vide, we further discovered that the Coho salmon is firmer and sears deliciously.  The more delicate Norwegian fillet is supple and has a richer taste.  The secret when cooking salmon is the brining that happens before the sous vide.

King is the priciest variety, and is worth the price for its rich, buttery taste.  Pink salmon is mild and best when cooked fresh.  It does not freeze well. Read more »

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